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Grand TrailFest – we have arrived

There is a certain excitement that takes over when you are about to embark in something that is completely beyond your comprehension — and skill level. How can we possibly climb these cliffs?, and what exactly did the race organizers mean by steep descents — is that code for free fall? — and why must there be so many signs about rattlesnakes?

Ruby got a nice overnight charge in La Verkin, and we promised to speak in hush tones on yesterday’s mishap as a way of keeping the future in a happy place. Avoidance and denial are our new friends and that is all we will say on that. Shhh.

Our hotel is surrounded by panoramic views of multi colored rock canyons, the kind of beauty where you could just pull up a lawn chair and stare all day — but a few steps away our eyes landed elsewhere and we made our way in line at the coffee drive thru.

A short drive from La Verkin we landed in Kanab, Utah — the base camp for Grand TrailFest. Our one and only day of rest included a wander about Main Street — which doubles as a tourist destination and a popular Hollywood movie set for wild west movies.

We found a car wash and gave Ruby a shine, picked up our race packets, and spoke to fellow runners about their plans for the day. One gent from Iowa said he was planning to go rock climbing on a rock face that required clinging to a chain, and two others runners chimed in they would like to join too, and we nodded politely — surely we would not be following their lead.

Later that afternoon we met up with fellow runners from Maryland who would be sharing a rental home for the next three days.

By 8pm, it was lights out. Tomorrow, the games begin, with Bryce Canyon.


Peace, Love, Out
Jane & Jill

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