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Grand TrailFest — Day 1 – Running with the Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon

At the trail head just outside of Bryce National Park we were met with crispy 22 degree start temps, cups of hot water, nearly 9000 feet of elevation and 750 trail runners. By 7:30 am we stepped off of a dusty service road and said goodbye to all sensibilities.

The first few miles we took the pace slow, breathing more heavily than we would like, but at least we were warm. The single-track trail reached it’s highest altitude at mile 5 and each time we reached a new summit I thought surely we wouldn’t go higher – but we did. Continue reading Grand TrailFest — Day 1 – Running with the Hoodoos in Bryce Canyon

Grand TrailFest – we have arrived

There is a certain excitement that takes over when you are about to embark in something that is completely beyond your comprehension — and skill level. How can we possibly climb these cliffs?, and what exactly did the race organizers mean by steep descents — is that code for free fall? — and why must there be so many signs about rattlesnakes?

Ruby got a nice overnight charge in La Verkin, and we promised to speak in hush tones on yesterday’s mishap as a way of keeping the future in a happy place. Avoidance and denial are our new friends and that is all we will say on that. Shhh. Continue reading Grand TrailFest – we have arrived