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Grand TrailFest – Day 3 the Grand Canyon on Sacred Ground

The organizers of the Grand TrailFest brimmed with positivity. We survived trail running days 1 and 2 and through their words dreamed about our final treat — running on Navajo land viewing the Grand Canyon at Horseshoe Bend before dropping into the Slot Canyon. It’s day 3 on legs that no longer bend and who’s even thinking about terrain?

Jill got us to the designated start-park lot just in time to be the first to arrive, the first on the shuttle bus, the first to the porta-potties, the first to drop bags at gear check and the first to set her gps watch. I meandered aimlessly, spilling my hot water, fumbling with peeling my banana, writing the wrong bib# on my bag-check and wondering how one gets her game on without coffee. Continue reading Grand TrailFest – Day 3 the Grand Canyon on Sacred Ground

Grand TrailFest – we have arrived

There is a certain excitement that takes over when you are about to embark in something that is completely beyond your comprehension — and skill level. How can we possibly climb these cliffs?, and what exactly did the race organizers mean by steep descents — is that code for free fall? — and why must there be so many signs about rattlesnakes?

Ruby got a nice overnight charge in La Verkin, and we promised to speak in hush tones on yesterday’s mishap as a way of keeping the future in a happy place. Avoidance and denial are our new friends and that is all we will say on that. Shhh. Continue reading Grand TrailFest – we have arrived