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Grand TrailFest – Dusty Rose and her Pilots

Ruby Red returned home as Dusty Rose in need of a flea bath. Days of dirt off-roading to reach remote trail-running lands in Utah and Arizona followed by a return trip home through the windy sandstorms of Oklahoma and Texas — she, along with her pilots were in need of a scrub and much-needed downtime.

The return drive home spanned 3.5 days, moving from Mountain Time, to Arizona Time (they do their own thing) to Central Time and arriving in Eastern time — and most of the time we really had no idea what time it was. We spent these timeless moments making sure Ruby had enough juice to face the head-cross-winds and make it to the next supercharger, and learning a thing or two about geography that’s not covered in standard textbooks. For example, we learned that the winds are always a headwind-combo-crosswind when traveling through Kansas, Oklahoma or Texas (KOT), and in case you wondered where all of that dust and sand finally settles — just look due north to the Badlands of South Dakota — covered in soot with KOT.

We made notable stops along the way, including: Flagstaff, Arizona, where we sampled fine Greek food, Albuquerque New Mexico to watch the skies fill with Hot Air Balloons via their annual Balloon Fiesta, Fajitas somewhere in Texas, Oklahoma City with a layover barely long enough for sleep, BBQ in Missour-ah, ex-Indy-500 drivers in a big hurry on I-70 in Indianapolis, and many morning charging stops near hotels, where we happily consumed their continental breakfast while waiting on Ruby to juice-up.

Fun facts and Ism’s from our Grand TrailFest Adventure:

  • # of days traveling: 7 (5100 total miles)
  • # of days trail running: 3 (40 miles)
  • # days out the door by 4:30 AM: 10
  • Coldest running day: Bryce Canyon – 22 degrees
  • Warmest running day: Grand Canyon – 63 degrees
  • # Mountain Lions seen: 1
  • Favorite view while running: All of them — Hoodoos of Bryce, Mesa’s of Zion, Horseshoe Bend at the Grand Canyon and the Slot Canyon on the Navajo Reservation
  • Favorite Restaurant: Wild Thyme, Kanab UT
  • Favorite Food at Running Aid Stations: Potato Chips
  • # of Cowboys seen: 1
  • # of states crossed on this trip: 14
  • # of times Jill lost her keys: 18
  • # of times Jane mentioned Jill was speeding: 35
  • # of times Jill mentioned Jane could drive faster: 79
  • # of days carrying the same PB&J while running: 3
  • Favorite smell: Bales of Hay
  • Favorite road segment: Historic Route 66 in Santa Rosa, NM
  • Favorite phone app: PlugShare

Returning home after 40 trail-running miles – one would think we’d tire of reliving the hoodoos of Bryce, the Mesa’s of Zion and the Grandness of the Grand Canyon on Navajo land. But no, the magic is etched in the forever portion of our minds. Thanks for joining us on this ride.

Peace, Love, Out
Jane & Jill

More on the Grand Trailfest
And, the trail runs:
Bryce Canyon Trail Run
Zion Canyon Trail Run
Grand Canyon Trail Run

A stop for coffee

Santa Rosa, New Mexico

Food stop — fajitas!

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    • Lynn — I keep meaning to thank you (finally catching up) — for your recommendation to hydrate. As soon as I read that from you — I hydrated, hydrated, hydrated — got rid of my headache, and I truly think that was the magic sauce for getting thru the runs. Thank you so so much for that!! See you soon on bike!!

  1. Youll need a full month to rest up for your next big adventure.
    Thank YOU for including us in the journey of JJ & Ruby Red
    See you next month girlfriend.

  2. What an adventure! Thank you for capturing all of the highlights, vistas, ‘isms, ….. priceless! Thank you Lou Lou!

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