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On Route to Grand TrailFest Utah – Can an Electric Car survive an Electrical Storm?

Ruby Red Lips had her favorite driver behind the wheel, the one who tested the outer bounds of every speed limit, the one with no fear of jamming the accelerator to the floorboard, watching all objects appear further in the rear view and a co-pilot riding fetal. Her tires barely touched the road and she had a thing for passing pickup trucks dangling masculinity. Then, Ruby needed juice and a new driver.

With a LOT of encouragement from the new co-pilot, driver 2 left the juicing station, and waited for all traffic in both directions of a two lane service road to completely clear, before ever so gently depressing the accelerator inching along at 2 mph, before immediately backing off, bucking the car like a bronco. Jill began texting anyone who would listen.

Jill: We exited the charging station
Hubby: Are you in Ohio yet?
Jill: We exited the charging station
Hubby: Where are you?
Jill: 100 feet from the charging station

Slowly driver 2 got the feel for using one dual-function foot pedal — to go, and to stop — and eventually the speed reached the limit. There is something intoxicating driving an electric car that doubles as a race-car. Within an hour, Ruby Red lips had her groove on.

Our final juice stop and driver change put the fearless one back into control just in time to face down black skies, sheets of rain, wind gusts that sent debris airborne and lightning strikes that reached the ground. Lightning bolts lit the dark skies and as other cars slowed, I couldn’t help but to wonder out loud if driving an electric car inside an electrical storm had been thought out properly by Elon. None of that mattered. Ms Andretti floored it, we raced right through that storm and 10 minutes later blue skies returned.

Hello, Columbus. Ohio.
Peace, Love, Out
Jane & Jill

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