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Grand TrailFest Utah – Kansas City here we come!

We put Ruby Red Lips to bed, sipping juice on a charging station in front of the hotel just west of Columbus, Ohio. I crashed from a long day of driving, and Ms Mario could not let go of racing Ruby in her dreams, so she lay awake the night. I opened my eyes at 4:30am. Ms Mario’s bags were packed, lights on bright, readers dipping just below the nose, staring at the rested one.

Ms Mario: You awake?

Me. No

Ms Mario: I found us a coffee shop.
Me: Of course you did.

Ms Mario: I didn’t sleep

Me: You want me to drive?

Ms Mario. If you wouldn’t mind

A few miles west of Columbus we found a 24 hour coffee shop, and the slow driver took the helm. An hour later, I woke my sleeping co pilot to capture a photo of the Indiana state line. She fumbled with the phone, pressing buttons, launching unnecessary phone apps, and I put the car in park, patiently waiting for the camera to engage. Eventually she found the camera, it flashed and the photo perfectly captured her groggy state. Where else can you stop cold on an Interstate to wait on your co pilot to take a picture?

Driving, driving, driving and more charging stops, more conversations with fellow juicers, advice from fellow E-drivers how to properly drive in reverse, coffee refills, more naps for the sleepy one, taking in the vibe, the wind, the heat, more state lines and a destination of downtown Kansas City, Missouri.

Peace, Love, Out
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