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Grande Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry #5

The best discovery of surviving 3 days of running in excessive heat — is learning that training in heat is a handy substitute for training in higher altitudes.   According to research, if your training lacks altitude, just run in an oven.     Grand Trailfest, here we come!

Given this news, we’ve considered adjusting our attitude.   Maybe it could get a little hotter?   Maybe it’s just fine that streets buckle at 5AM?  Maybe we can sleep past 4AM for a change?   Maybe all of those ice cubes in our Camel-bak’s are unnecessary?

Street tar buckles in the heat…and that’s at O-Dark-Hundred!

Or, we could resign to the heat, improvise our 3-day-back-to-back runs to begin before 5AM, wear headlamps, avoid the trails — who can see tree roots with these tiny headlamps?–  and run on hot pavement instead.  After all, we are altitude training, thank you very much.

From 300′ above sea level inside the DC-metro Roaster Oven

Peace, Love, Out



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