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Grande Trailfest: Confidence Journal Entry #4

excessive_heatgaugeThe weather forecast is filled with phrases such as  “Excessive Heat”, and recommendations to stay inside, find air conditioning, avoid exercise, and I thought about heeding those warnings.

Then, I ran into Virginia.  Virginia is 88 years of age, a neighbor (a mile away), and we have chatted in the past when my run and her walk intersect.   This morning, was different.   Virginia was overheating, and ran out of water.   I sprung into action, only a few steps away from home, grabbed a cold water bottle and handed it off.  Before I could offer her a ride home she wanted me to know that she walked 5 miles every day, and today would be no different.

So, I opted to walk with her toward her home.  Replenished with liquids, Virginia was just as perky as any 20 year old in 95 degree heat.   She shared a few nuggets of her life — how she met her first ‘boy friend’ in kindergarten, and he gave her a penny, which she has kept to this day.  After High School, she went to Charm School, where she learned to eat celery and hard boiled eggs the proper way (who knew?) among other learnings, and at 6′ tall and 132 pounds her weight hasn’t changed in 70 years.   I shared my upcoming  Grand Trailfest adventure — running in Bryce, Zion and the Grand Canyon — and she tried her best to commit all of that to memory.  Bless her heart.

The next day, out on another steamy run — I crossed paths with Virginia, once again.  This time, she carried the water bottle I had given her in one hand, and a piece of paper in the other.   “I have a love note for you”, Virginia called out.  “A love note? for me?” and I ran in her direction to see what this was about.

phyllis_letter.jpgI’m pretty sure I’ve never received a ‘love note’ while out running, and this particular ‘love note’ was a true gift, and I smiled seeing it addressed to Phyllis.   My special friend, Virginia at the age of 88, can call me any name she wants.

Peace, Love, Out

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    • Virginia’s grandson got her a smartphone and she asked me to put in my phone#. I did. With the name PJ – Phyllis Jane. Why stick with the same name all your life anyway? 😉

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