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East Coast Greenway cyclists: Hinesville to Darien, and beyond

Good news made an appearance to our day starting at mile 0, when the predicted rains took a detour from our 54 mile route to Darien, Georgia. The temperatures were in the 40s and no one much minded because after 30 minutes in heavy traffic on a 4 lane highway, we veered off on rural roads with barely a vehicle — a fine Georgia gem!

Our peloton broke into several groups, with some taking advantage of empty roads to test drive speedy legs, and others on the casual plan, exploring, stopping to take in various points of interest that included:

  • A tiny church dubbed America’s smallest, with a deed signed by Jesus
  • A chance to win the lottery… with all winnings slated for the continued development of the ECG… Sorry, no lottery winners today
  • A history lesson by our ECG Guide, Encyclopedia Brent, who knows more about the state of Georgia than Google
  • Egrets, Blue Herons, stray kittens and absolutely no alligators
  • Fort King George State Historic site – the southern outpost of the British Empire in the early 1700’s, surrounded by majestic 200+ year old living oak trees
  • And, Darien, GA off the Darien river, home to many shrimp boats – making fresh shrimp a clear winner for lunch

Our day ended in Jeckyl Island. This island is so beautiful bordered by marshland to one side, and the Atlantic Ocean to the other – that we needed one more ride on Jeckyl Island to complete the day. It’s hard to get enough of touring on two wheels!

Be sure to read / follow fellow ECG cyclist and blogger, Sylvia.

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