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East Coast Greenway: Cyclists ride to St. Mary’s Georgia

The heat and humidity are back. After two days of rides that felt as if we had made a detour to New England, today’s temperatures allowed us return to shorts and tee shirts.

We departed Jeckyl Island in one large group, and many of us spent the next six miles mesmerized by the marshland views and a tall majestic bridge in the backdrop get closer with hopes that it was not on our route. Collective wishful thinking worked, and we turned away from that man made mountain to head south.

We rode miles along more marshland, noting the pelicans, herons, and wondered about alligators when suddenly we noticed we were being chased. At first glance it appeared to be a large dog, but I couldn’t recall any large dog that resembled a pig, and then someone who had more coffee that morning suggested ‘wild boar’ and while none of us had actually seen a wild boar except for pictures – this was definitely wild and a boar. The beast followed our group darting in and out of the marsh just off to our right on route 17. For a stubby, chunky animal, it ran fast, and he kept pace with us for a few minutes, and then he was gone.

Eventually we veered off Route 17 for some less traveled roadways, and our group of 40 split into smaller groups of riders, where conversations picked up from yesterday’s ride, and the miles ticked by. Forty miles into our ride, and we reached Woodbine, and we made a local cafe a stop for lunch. They were inundated by a large mass of hungry bicyclists, and we admired the sole waitress working at high speed to take our orders.

After our feeding, we enjoyed a segment of trail riding as we departed Woodbine, and soon we were back riding Route 17.

From here, we got distracted by our bicycle shadows, and tested our skills taking photos while riding, and navigating the traffic.

The drivers of cars and trucks have been exceptionally courteous to our group of cyclists and for that we are grateful.

After covering 63 miles our group of 6 riders took out an hour exploring a submarine replica on display a mere 2 miles from our destination. The sign read ‘no horseplay, no running or skating’ on top of the concrete structure, but it said nothing about bicycling or dancing. And, that’s all you need to know.

Be sure to read / follow fellow ECG cyclist and blogger, Sylvia.

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  1. Kudos, Jane—
    Such vivid reporting again and wonderful photos!
    Glad to see Dave Read hoisting bike atop the sub. Give him a high-5 for me, and cheers to all the high-stepping ladies.
    Dennis will need to modify his customary description of ECG as extending “from the moose to the manatee” to include the wild boar.

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