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The outdoor gym

20131208_133126The long awaited first snow of the season has finally arrived.  While the calendar still registers December 8 as the FALL season – the white stuff trumps calendar dates.  It is officially winter, in Maryland.

In preparation for the winter season – this means:

  • there is not a lot of daylight
  • the sun – when it appears – is not very warm
  • winds are from the north
  • the “north” – means Canada
  • everything is colder – from Canada
  • freezing rain…snow…ice cause you to fall
  • it’s cold and flu season
  • everyone who has a cold or flu – shows up at indoor gyms

20131208_083714To avoid the germ sharing at indoor gyms, we created an outdoor weather-protected aerobic circuit – that includes everything a fitness enthusiast could want.   Except for heat.   Details, details.

Situated next to a pile of wood (awaiting burn on the indoor wood stove) are 3 exercise stations.  Stations 1 and 2 include an Elliptigo and Recumbent bicycle — on trainers.  Station 3 is the slide-board.

The quickest way to ramp up your cardio – is to use the slide-board.   While the recumbent bike works the high sections of your quads, and the Elliptigo gets your heart rate pumping – within 30 seconds the Slide board takes your workout to a whole new level.

The slide-board strengthens the adductors (inner thigh) and abductors (hips) by sliding with powerful, and graceful movements – from one length of the board to the next.   For speed (inline or ice) skaters, this is an ideal sport specific workout – as the movement simulates the strength needed in the legs, and movement of the arms.  For runners – the slide-board is not only a diversion from everyday pounding of pavement, but it strengthens the hip muscles using side to side motion.

So, as we exercise, in the cold, during the first snowfall of a Maryland winter, we discover:

  • you can get warm if you exercise long enough
  • it’s not snowing in the carport
  • a cup of Joe is waiting when the workout is over
  • being outdoors – despite the weather – is the best place to exercise

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  1. I am sold on the slide board! A 10 minute workout will get everything ramped up. Loved it!
    Also, the outdoor fitness gymboree is the place to go for outdoor activity without getting wet or super cold. It was nice to know that the coffee was just inside.

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