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2012 Skate of the Union

The sista’hood takes to inline skating at the Fairfax Police Dept oval track – in a field of pro elite skaters (not us!) and amateurs (that’s us!) for a half-marathon ‘race. Well, maybe not a “race” for us – but we finished standing upright and burned off some calories along the way!

Jill and I started out at the BACK of the pack…and stayed that way for the first 2 laps. It was looking for awhile that we were the clear OWNERS of last place…until Jill started kickin’ some ass….and we picked off a few stragglers one at a time.

Once it became apparent that we weren’t going to fall, we started gaining more speed (with Jill leading again!), and soon other skaters jumped onto very sweet pace line. The vibe was fabulous — and you can’t beat skate endorphin’s!!! We came in JUST ahead of last place (woo hoo!)…with a bunch of new friends (paceline buddies)

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