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Mama "N" has flipped the switch

After 6 months of mother nature filling her cheeks and blowing wind from the north with all her mighty might, Mama “N” is finally tapped out. It’s as if a switch has gone off, and she took a moment to look at the calendar. And, just like that – the weather patterns changed. We’ve waltzed into spring and the air is suddenly filled with heat, humidity and light breezes from the south. The fish have returned to the BB, the water temperatures are rising and it’s almost time to bring on the bikini. Well…let’s not get carried away.
The pleasantries of Florida are changing too. Perhaps this has something to do with the 2010 census, but the state of Florida is desperate to up it’s population count. If you are in the Florida vicinity for more than 90 days as a boater, Florida considers you a “quasi resident” and will assess you a special “welcome to Florida” tax. Plus, you’ll be included in the Florida census rolls. Never mind that Florida is not your “home”.

Paddy and I discovered these Florida features firsthand while on shore, as we played “dodge the census men”. While we’ve enjoyed twirling on our mooring ball at the Dinner Key Marina for the last 60 days – we’re not ready to make hurricane alley our home port. And surely, I could never call “Miami Dade” HOME – considering the lack of community swimming pools. Just as I was about to explain the swimming pool shortage issue to the Census Men….Paddy stepped in, grabbed my arm, and explained to the boys we had to be on our way.

Sigh. I thought they should know.

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