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Back for more of the ‘CHI

A trio of ‘cats (Chateau, MakeItSo and Cat Maudy) left the Dinner Key mooring field early Tuesday morning to capture a sweet westerly breeze. The 2 hour sail south to Boca Chita Key is easy sailing thanks to the flat waters of Biscayne Bay. Big seas on a big ocean are way overrated. Give me flat water sailing on the “BB” any day.

If you are not making a passage to the Bahamas, then a visit to Boca Chita should be high on the “places to see” list. With spectacular sailing, lazy kayaking, an abundance of fishing opportunities…blazing sunsets…making way to mesmerizing sunrises — this little slice of the National Park System is a treasure accessible only by boat. Lucky for us.

Anxious to try out my ‘barbie doll’ fishing rod in the brisk currents on the north side of the island – I waded to the sandbar, and began casting. Followed by more casting. And, still more casting. Which pretty well sums up my fishing experience. I’m getting a LOT better at casting, but there is work to do, on the “fish catching” part. Fortunately no one was counting on “fresh catch” for dinner…

Highlights of the day include:
-Captain Superwuus muscled Cat Maudy’s main sail to the top without electric tools (watch the video)
-Captain Superwuus needed a long rest after hoisting the main sail
-Captain Paddy had a good sail and is in a very good mood (watch the video)
-Karen on Chateau played footsie with Fire Ants and Captain Larry had to toss her into the harbor to get rid of them
-Linda released air outta the bottom of their blow-up kayak to make it less “tippy”.
-Rick’s sinking butt is now works as a kayak keel.
-Kirby (R&L’s pooch) spent most of the day hiding from the Park Ranger and can’t understand why no dogs are allowed here
-Soxy, tries not to think about dogs

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