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Barbie gets her REEL on

While waiting for Paddy to locate “stuff” at the West Marine boat store…I wandered aimlessly, and ended up in the fishing pole section. Dozens of macho brown and grey colored expensive fishing poles are on display. A large chain lashes them together, and locks them securely to the store. Behind the maze of pricey poles, “Lady Fisher” catches my eye.

She is a beauty. Long lean lines of white and pink…with a stunning rose colored CASTING reel. I imagined the long “Whhiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr…..” sounds of my first cast. She is lightweight….and comes with 14 pounds of test line. 14 pounds seems like a plenty large fish to me. Plus, this pole is not locked to the store. Translation…affordable? No doubt this barbie doll “Lady Fisher” is calling my name.

“Paddy…look…it’s a pink fishing pole that casts too….what do you think?” I felt like a kid in a candy store who found what she wanted. Let the annoying sales pitch begin. Paddy rolled his eyes….and had no choice but to agree that this fishing pole is meant for me. “Don’t you think we need a pink lure to go with it?” I suggested. What fish could resist pink?

It didn’t matter that our bike transportation wasn’t ideal for carrying a fishing pole. We pedaled through the busy streets of Coconut Grove, while I held my new BB doll fishing pole …nearly blinding a pedestrian….taking out low lying branches in trees….and being granted a surprisingly wide birth by passing cars.

Paddy is not entirely on board with my fishing plans. Neither of us are interesting in handling a flopping fish…and all of the gory details associated with prepping it for the frying pan. Such details for another day. What are the chances I would actually catch a fish?

We affixed a lure….and my Barbie Doll fishing pole is ready for takeoff. My first cast went pretty well….and I reeled in a bunch of sea grasses. Something went wrong during my second cast….and the line wadded and twisted into a huge gnarly mess. It took over an hour to free the reel from the wad of fishing line….and save my lure. Still, it wasn’t looking good. No matter what I did….a wad of twisted line insisted on forming. Eventually discovered it wasn’t necessary to cast the line as if I’m trying to whallop a tennis ball. Much less energy is required. Plus, by keeping your thumb on the line at all times, the line stops wadding up.

Cast after cast was working well. “Whhiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrrrr…” Love that sound from the reel – as the line casts over the water. By now, I no longer hooked our rigging, or my clothing. Yet, Paddy and Soxy play it safe – and watch from inside the salon.

I am very happy casting with my pink BB Doll….and catching sea grasses. But, there is more action underneath the surface. Suddenly, my BB Doll pole bent and came alive. Not a lot of bend mind you…. But, there is a fight going on….not a lot, mind you… but there is a tug of war….and Barbie Doll is awash in excitement. I hoist my first fish as it twists and flips wildly. “Paddy….I caught a fish….come and see….what do I do now?”

We decide it’s a small barracuda. “I don’t know…it’s your fish”…Paddy responds. “Well….I’m not going to touch it….can’t you help me?” I beg. “No.”

I stand on the bow of Cat Maudy….trying to decide my next move. Maybe he’ll fall off the hook and go back to swimming with his friends… Or maybe he’ll die while I have him dangling in the air just a few feet away from Cat Maudy. Soxy our cat can eat him for breakfast. Gross.

The little ‘cuda looks thirsty….so I let out the line and plunk him back in the water for a drink. “You’re torturing him”…Paddy yells to me. Aii….neither of us want to touch the little beast. I hadn’t planned on catching anything quite so soon. Finally, Paddy relents…and unhooks the ‘cuda from the lure…and sets him free.

Looks like I have to work up to fishing….the fish handling part. I put away BB Doll temporarily….until I get some gloves. Pink gloves of course.

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