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Gale rips into the ‘BIS

70 MPH of wind is a TAD above GALE Yet, the weather forecast images took on a rainbow of colors, and a range of numbers we had not seen before from our unprotected anchorage on Biscayne Bay.

Surely the “70” listed on website was a typo. Just to be safe, we removed anything from deck that could go flying, and secured 3 heavy duty lines to the mooring ball. And waited….

The skies darkened….and the distant horizon lit up with spectacular lightening. Suddenly the eerie sounds of 60+ MPH winds rip thru Coconut Grove FL while we sit helpless on Cat Maudy attached to a mooring ball. I stopped looking at the wind speed when it hit 54 knots. Within seconds – we had zero visibility, and the wind howled louder than an oncoming train. You could not see your adjacent boating neighbors – 50 yards away. All we can do is “hope” that our ropes hold tight to the mooring ball.

It’s pretty scary being out in the belly of Biscayne Bay twirling around your mooring ball (anchor) – with winds so loud you can’t hear your own voice. Do not know what we would have done if our boat broke free. There are lots of boat anchored…and no visibility… Best not to think about that.

In 15 harrowing minutes…the massive storm front had moved eastward toward the Bahamas…and the rest of the evening would shake the boat with gusts of 35 knot winds from the west. With firsthand knowledge of 60MPH of winds, any silly notion about relocating Cat Maudy south, during hurricane season – is no longer on the table. Watch this video — just moments before 60MPH…(and after). OK OK…when the winds hit 60MPH…I hid in the hull!

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