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Humpty Dumpty comes alive!

What started out as a minor “CLEW” repair, morphed into needing new sails. The clew, is the end of the main sail, that attaches to the stern end of the boom. It looked like the attachment had worn out…but apparently the entire sail had no life left in her.

So, while Cat Maudy was down with window repairs – might as well add new sails, to our list of where to spend dwindling funds.

We selected UK Sails in Annapolis as our sail makers – for a number of reasons:

1. They have a local LOFT where they do all of the work themselves. i.e. they don’t ship out the sail making work to cheap labor overseas or at caribbean islands. Every bit of sail making is done right HERE.

2. We can visit at any time, ask questions, and become completely familiar with the process. From selecting the sail material…to understanding how they will remake the sail to offer us maximum performance…we were part of the team.

3. They seemed passionate about making sails. Really passionate. It’s not just a “job” to them – they are sailors, and they want you to be delighted with their handiwork.

Shortly after the windows were installed…the sail making was complete. Dave, from UK Sails arrives to install the main sail. The sail installation was a success, but due to an intense afternoon thunderstorm, the decision was made to wait on installing the jib sail until a few minor maintenance tasks were done.

When friend Terry from NYC arrives for a visit, it seems like the perfect time to complete the jib sail installation. We hoist Terry up the jib stay to first LUBE the track….and tighten down some of the screws that were too loose. As we start the process now of hoisting the jib — we realize that the sheaves appear to be worn out – and are trashing the jib halyard.

Jib sail installation is temporarily aborted, while Terry and Pat rush off to West Marine for replacement parts. I take the opportunity to go for a swim. I realize this doesn’t sound helpful to the project, but I’m much nicer to be around when I’ve had endorphins. Nuf said.

The boys return with new parts…and these are installed. Finally, we are ready to re-hoist the crispy jib sail. Up she goes, flapping with crispy sounds, white as can be – and looking stunning. Soon, we will leave the dock – and see what she’s got!

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