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NBC Media blather…

Cat Maudy stays “dockside” during my triathlon training season. Since Cat Maudy was broken, Captain Pat was preoccupied with making boat repairs. I could have assisted him, but I am far more pleasant to be around with I get in my exercise. Thus, for 3 summer months, not a day goes by where training (swim, bike and run) becomes the priority of my day.

There must have been a serious LULL in the local media, or perhaps it was my sad swim story from last year’s Iron Girl? Whatever the reason, I was asked to meet with local NBC (WBAL) to help them do a promo spot for the Iron Girl event.

It wasn’t until they said that I could come with my bike, that I agreed to do a clip. And of course, my TRI-Sistahood (Jill & Emma) were there for support, along with hubby paparazzi Paddy.

Soon, it was my turn to ramble on the news. Not exactly sure what I blathered about – talking to a camera is not my forte. I was hoping to inspire the non-swimmers out there to give the Iron Girl a try. But secretly, I couldn’t wait to hop on my bike. My bike is a far better spokesperson than I – and Ms. Trek Madone was just bustin’ to lay it all out for Mr. Cameraman.

View the video clip on WBAL (search for “Iron Girl” – and to find the clip)

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