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ABC Studio wants more Iron Girl blather..

All of this news chatter about my inability to swim last year and somehow completing a TRI…is now getting under my skin. Local media wants to talk about someone who overcomes big odds….but this is just downright embarrassing. As soon as this interview is over, I’m dusting off my “how to swim” videos – and make a note to SELF to move beyond the sidestroke by the end of September. Freestyle would be nice. I CAN do this.

So, I agreed to another Iron Girl promo spot – at the ABC local studio in Baltimore. It was actually kindof cool seeing how the news is put together behind the scenes. I also had the chance to meet Judy Molnar, VP with Iron Girl. Judy completed the IRON MAN triathlon – and is now working behind the scenes with Aflac Iron Girl to get women out and movin‘ about. She is extremely nice, and is kind enuf to help settle my nerves. There are ALOT of cameras in this studio. And then there is hubby Paddy along with Terry – our friend from NYC. With his mini-videoCAM. Terry is everywhere. Filming my every move.

A segment on penguins at the local zoo is aired moments before the IG segment. The penguin is adorable, and I forget about what I might say on the air. I think only about petting the cute little African penguin.

The floor manager calls up Judy and I – and we move to position behind a podium. Jaime Costello will be doing the interview. My thoughts turn to how soft the penguin was. Ok ok…time to think about Iron Girl stuff. I guess Jaime didn’t get the cue card that said I was a participant in the Iron Girl. He asks me how many participants are in the IG event this year. I have no clue, and put out my best deer in headlights impression. Fortunately, Judy hopped on my deer-dummy look and promptly answered the question. After that, Jaime figured it out. I get the “participant” questions…and Judy gets the “administrative” questions.

Here we go, more questions about my swimming. I say nice things about the IG event. It really is a great event. Women of all athletic abilities doing some amazing stuff. But, I’m done with the media hype now. That’s it. I’m gonna learn how to swim now. Really. Stay tuned – to THIS channel.

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