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06.19.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace:

Thanks for the razor blades. I’ve got a pretty good supply now.

Don’t suppose you have received my mail that I wrote prior to D-Day, but I guess it is starting to go through again by now.

I wrote a letter (V-Mail) to Jack about the 8th. It’ll probably catch him before long if he should move. He’d certainly get a kick out of things here.

As to what I will be able to do about the address of the Guillon family, I don’t know. There is no possibility of my looking it up at the present time. It’s one of those things I’ll just have to leave to chance.

I get a kick out of watching planes go by here. A lot of them fly plenty high — in fact, you can’t see them sometime except for a white vapor trail that they leave behind. It looks ghost like, you see the trail and can’t see what makes it. You can hear them though. Sometimes I watch a formation and they remind me of a flock of wild geese. They maneuver around in formation just the same. I suppose around big air bases at home, similar stuff happens all the time, but I never happened to see it until I came over here.

We went out the other night after supper and took some pictures. We were walking along the road and came up to a pasture where a couple of horses were grazing. We enticed them over to the fence with fresh grass and they were pretty tame, so we patted them and had our pictures taken with them. Hope they came out as it was getting rather dark.

What did you think of the invasion news? You probably get it for breakfast, dinner and supper.

We’ve been having some nice weather around here lately. I’m glad of that because we were out on a bivouac and I don’t like it to rain on those things. We walked back the next day and that helps to keep you in shape.

Last night I took in a doggone good show. It starred Margaret O’Brien who it seems is turning out to be another Shirley Temple type of actress. She’s only around six and very good. The name of the show was “Lost Angel”. Maybe you’ve seen it.

Guess that’s all that’s on the fire for now.



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