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06.14.1944 Letter

Dear Elizabeth:

Well how are you and Grant doing? I suppose Mildred’s keeping you up on the latest dope about myself. I had a letter from Howard quite some time ago, and wrote him one just about the time he arrived here.

I wrote Mildred a while back that I had seen Coventry. Did you see that letter yet. I’m telling you, it’s quite a sight. I’ve also seen a few old cathedrals. It almost gives you the creeps when you walk into one and think about the place being over a thousand years old. On top of that they used to bury the dead right in the Church. You know I think some of the homes must be that old too. I know I never saw thatched roofs until I got here. By 11:30PM it gets dark and around 5AM it gets light. I suppose it’s just vise versa in winter.

Last night and this morning I had my first taste of “C” Rations. We were out a few miles from here and pitched our tents for overnight. Plenty of beans in them. Not bad tho. Woke us up in the AM with tear gas. You should see me get into my mask. One officer in BVDs left his mask in the truck and tore cross country in there to find the mask.

What a sight!! What a laugh!! Now it’s your turn. Thanks for keeping personal papers.



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