Dear Willard and Grace:

Just a few lines for this time as I noticed a couple of clippings in the paper and am enclosing them.

Apparently some of my mail hasn’t gotten through. I had a letter from Mildred dated the 14th, but some of mine must be held up somewhere as I haven’t seen any other for about a week now.

By the way, I am now billeted in a private – an other fellow and myself. It’s a pretty nice home too. They have fireplaces in every room. All the windows in the house have some sort of design painted on them. I used to think the glass was cut fancy, but the illusion came from seeing these designs. The couple keep the place as neat as a pin too. But we still sleep on army cots. To be able to wash and clean up in a bathroom is the least I ever expected to do over here outside of a hotel.

If you may have been thinking about the flying bombs, I just like to say that the only place I’ve seen them has been in the movies.