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07.04.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

I’m C Q this noon so thought I’d take time out and drop you a short one. Don’t believe that I have written you since I have been billeted in a private home over here — or have I? Well, anyway, I am, and it is quite a nice experience. The people really treat us very well. Sunday, for instance, the fellow who shares this room with me (a G.I.) thought we’d sleep in for a change. Along about nine o’clock I guess the people thought we had slept long enough. So a know came on the door calling us at the same time. Then what do you think happened. In comes a tray with coffee and graham crackers — so we had our breakfast in our bedroom. Do you think stuff like that will give me bad habits? Maybe!!!!

I am beginning to receive the Endicott Daily Bulletin again now. The company has apparently taken care of that. The only trouble is that I don’t get consecutive issues. For instance I have gotten the last issues first and vice versa. Not it is kind of hard to keep up with the “Phantom” and “King of the Royal Mounted” as I think I’ll cut the funnies out and get them in order and read them. Of course I look at the rest of the paper too.

My stock of razor blades is pretty good now. That was a good idea of yours. If you can lay your hands on any Sat. Evening Post or Collier’s send them on to me. It’s even good to just look at the ads. Mildred sent a package to me over a month ago, but haven’t received it yet. I’m beginning to think I won’t get it now. In fact, it will soon be two months.



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