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07.28.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace:

Just received your letters in the mail this afternoon and since I just wrote to you yesterday or the day before, thought I’d clear up some little points. First, I’m glad to hear that you are now hearing from me again as I cannot understand the reason for the delay on those other letters.

As I mentioned before, I did get the package O.K. and have enjoyed everything in it. Ordinarily it takes just about a month for a package to come and that didn’t spoil the fruit cake or anything else in the least. However, I wouldn’t want the same stuff to come to me in the length of time that it took Mildred’s package to reach me. Her second one came just after the first one.

As for the stuff you have on hand, send it to me a little later on. For instance, you might wait until you can pick up a couple of rolls of film, which incidentally are size 828. Hamlin’s in Binghamton was the best place for me to pick up some and they cost about 26 cents a roll. I’ll tell you, in the last package from Mildred, she sent me a bottle of Aqua Velva, which fortunately did not break and will probably take the place of the hand cream. You can send the shaving cream, gum and stuff after you pickup a couple of films. As I say, I have film on hand and there’s not too much of a hurry. Will be glad to pay you for the film. I also requested you to enclose a couple of pictures in my other letters. Don’t be afraid to snoop through my album. It won’t bite. It’s in (or was) in my suitcase.



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