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08.08.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Received your letter of the 25th today and therefore answering it right off the bat while I have a spare moment today. Just take a note of my address and leave off “FWD EOH” in the future.

Thanks for your efforts in trying to get those magazines. If I don’t them, I don’t get them, that’s all. The Readers Digest is coming through, but I don’t know who is responsible for that as I had a letter from them saying that it had expired and was about to renew the subscription.

Well it is now Saturday August, 12, and as you can readily see, I didn’t finish this letter when I started it. I have received your letters telling me that a package is on the way. Also appreciate same. While on the subject of packages, keep trying to find 828 film in black and white as that is what I want about as badly as anything. I have only one roll of it left, the rest all being colored film and I don’t want to use this until or when the weather is just right “sunshine” and when I have the time. I have four rolls of colored film on hand. Also Nescafe is welcome. By the way, I sent some money to Mildred to be used for this purpose and you won’t have to spend your own money on it. So don’t be afraid to give her the “touch”.

Last night I took the boy at the house downtown to the movies. We went to the news theatre; but there wasn’t much in the way of news there as most of the program was taken up with 5 Disney comics which was just about as good for me anyway. At least four of them I hadn’t seen before. The kid is about 15, and on the way back by bus, he was telling me what happened at such and such a place prior to the blitz.

I haven’t been doing anything exciting though. I may have mentioned in a previous letter that the sun has shown more in the past two weeks than it has in all the time I’ve been over here. I received the letter from Jack; also have one from Helen which I can hardly read. I’ll have to suggest to her to use darker ink or else write with a paintbrush — or crayon. Got a clipping from Mildred stating that Joe Dickson was wounded in France. I know he was with the 4th Division as she sent me his address quite a while ago. Hope he comes along alright. It was probably quite an experience for him as he was flown all the way back I understand. Haven’t heard from Bertha Miles in a long time now. Guess I’ll have to send them a pen and some paper in my next letter to them.

That’s about all I have time for at present, so will close.

P.S. Leave off “FWD EOH” when addressing me.


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