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07.27.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Have received your letter of the 25th OK and was certainly surprised to know that you have not received any mail from me dated after May the 7th. I certainly can’t figure that one out. I would say that you should have around a half dozen since then. This is the second one this week. And I am receiving the blades. I also got the Guillon address before and mentioned it. I mentioned also that I wrote to Jack. Oh, I guess I replied to everything even what to do with the money from the typewriter. Maybe they’ll catch up all at once.

Send me the hand cream, shave cream, candy and a few blades. My stock is pretty good right now what with receipt of the package from Helen and Wilson. By the way I mentioned that it was mailed 6 June 44. That’s considered good time. Everything in good condition.

I sent yo a letter (typed) earlier in the week giving latest details. Let’s see if we can’t establish contact again.



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