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08.13.1944 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

I have two of your letters in front of me now and am trying to figure out whether there is some question I haven’t answered. Incidentally your letter of July 27 was very hard to read as it didn’t photograph well at all. Do you suppose it is the ink you used? At any note, I’ll be looking for the package you mentioned in a couple of weeks.

This is a beautiful Sunday afternoon here for a change, but even though there are other things I want to do, I just have to answer the mail. Besides, I have already done my washing and pressed a pair of pants. Guess I’ll go downtown to a show tonight.

I might mention that I’m writing downstairs in the parlor here. I could go over to the office and type, but thought I’d give the digits a rest.

Papers here seem to be full of good news and everybody seems to have the feeling that it won’t be long now. Guess that’s it this time.



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