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10.24.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Thought I’d better get this letter out to you while I think about it. It’s to let you know that reverse lease-lend is at work. Yes I’ve sent a package addressed to you, and if and when it comes, here’s how I would like you to dispose of it.

There’s a lot of liquids in it; it’s all packed in a wooden box — perfumes. One of Coty’s for each — Helen, Elizabeth, Ida, Mildred and yourself. Give the Guenlair to Mom. The German after shave lotion give to Willard and Wilson. Give Bob and Romayne a set of the English coins. I think you’ll be able to figure those out. There are three books in it. Maybe you will find these interesting. Pass them around, but don’t lose them. I have sent two more books to Mildred and asking her to pass those around.

So much for that. Another V-Mail follows.



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