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10.24.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Now that I have told you what to do with the package, I’ll give some of the latest dope.

Am not in the same place where I wrote to you from the last time. We’re in a place that was once used by the Germans. Might just as well be in prison. Can’t get any passes. It’s pretty monotonous right now, but it may improve. I hope!!!

It’s the rainy season over here now. No matter where this gang moves, it just follows a seasonal rain belt. Sometimes it rains steadily all day long. On others, we just have showers.

However, our eats are good and I am beginning to wonder how much I weigh. Had my hair clipped to about one thousandth of an inch in length. Right now, I’ve got a head cold but have lots of company.

With that will sign off.



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