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12.14.1944 Letter

Dear Romayne;

It seems to me that I got a letter from you a long time ago and never answered it. So I thought I’d drop you this line today.

We’re having floods on this side of the ocean right now and it’s pretty sloppy. The water has been higher than at any time in over 30 years.

When I was in Germany, I met a couple of Belgian officers and they gave me a linen handkerchief with an address of a girlfriend on it. So I’m sending it to you as a souvenir. It’s a little dirty now, but you can wash it if you want to.

I want to enclose in this letter a letter to Jack. Please have your mother put his right address on it. And Romayne, ask your mother to be on the look out for a good French grammar book sometime when she is in town. I’ll pay for it.



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