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12.13.1944 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

I received your 2 V-Mail letters of the 28th of November, and they were the fastest mail that I have received from the states in some time. No, I haven’t received any letter from Willard at this writing.

I’m glad to hear that the package arrived and in good condition. The amounts of the perfume were small, I know, and about all it amounts to is something from over here. I may be able to get some better stuff some other time — provided I get lucky enough in a crap game some time. Guerlain perfume is really the best and I hope I can get some of it for all of you. There are some other good brands I will substitute if I can’t get that.

You mentioned S-Sgt. Pierson. Well, it’s hard to tell just where his APO might be. Even though his number is close to mine, it’s only remotely probable that he’s located near me. I’ll look into anyhow. You know that red-headed fellow that I used to run around with back there. Well, he too is over here somewhere as I had a letter from him just the other day telling me that he had been to Paris. He has come over here only recently. I also sent a letter to Romayne, and enclosed in it a letter to Jack. So please forward it to him. I’ll use the address you gave me from now on.

I have not as yet received the magazines. However, all mail is slow right now as even some of the newspapers I used to receive are not coming through.

My French is only slightly improving. I can make my wants known and that’s about all! But just give me time. That’s why I requested a pretty good French grammar book if it is possible for you to pick one up back there. I’ll send you some money to cover these little purchases out of my next pay period.

You mentioned something about Emma’s sister wanting to start corresponding with someone overseas. Well, I can always use any additional subscriptions to the writing list. Of course, it may be kind of hard to know what to say to a stranger, but I can probably manage.

Have you been reading anything about the political action committee of the CIO. If so, what do you think about it. There’s a good article in October Readers Digest about it. I think there’s something that ought to be nipped in the bud before it gets too strong. See what you think.

Received packages from Ida, Mildred and IBM so far. Ida’s was soaked. Salvaged only soap and coffee. Mildred’s had absorbed some gasoline so all unsealed food absorbed gasoline. Rest OK.



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