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02.21.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

I thought I’d better answer your V-Mail of January 26 which I’ve had for quite some time now. From all indications up to the time I received it, you had no word that I did receive the package with the French-English dictionary in it, but I did mail you a letter shortly after it’s receipt letting you know that I did receive same. Now you tell me that you’re sending another dictionary along with some other stuff. I’m sorry that you did not receive my letter, or receive it in time, to prevent duplication of this item. However, when it comes, I’ll sell it to somebody else as there are plenty of guys looking for just such a book. How much is it anyhow. In the meantime, I’ll get another money order off to you as I feel that you are spending quite a bit of money for these things. Did you get my last money order?

In regard to these packages which you send out to me from time to time, I wouldn’t worry too much about them after you once put them in the mail as, to the best of my knowledge, I have received every package that has been sent to me. However, the time element varies anywhere from 1 to 4 months. Mildred mailed two to me in the later part of November, one of which I received a couple of weeks ago and the other I’m still waiting for.

No, I have never received a letter from Emma’s sister…. Maybe she’s the bashful type.

But don’t forget me on the film. If you can’t get the regular black and white film, I’ll take the Kodachrome daylight same size. It costs considerably more money though.

Our weather here is just the opposite of what you are having or had. We’ve been tossing baseballs around for several days now. Maybe it’s unseasonal though and we’re a little premature getting out the baseball equipment. If you have any newspaper pictures of all that snow, enclose them in one of your subsequent letters. You’ll probably have plenty of floodwater this year too. If it goes out all of a sudden.

The other day, we had a delicacy here. One of the fellows managed to latch on to a dozen eggs. We fried them here in the office in our mess kits and they sure tasted good. I’ll probably make a good hobo when I get out of this Army.

Guess I’ve about run out of stuff for this time.



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