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03.13.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Guess I’ll have to call this a business letter. To start things off, I am going to ask you if you will do another favor for me. Enclosed are two numbered packets of colored negatives; one is marked No. 1 and the other marked No. II. I would appreciate if you would take them to Hamlin’s and leave the following instructions:

1. Have the negatives mounted in slides (they don’t do it on this side of the pond)

2. Order 4 prints each of all the printable negatives in packet No I

3. Order 3 prints each of all the printable negatives in packet No II

When you look at these negatives, please hold only the edges between your fingers as otherwise you will get fingerprints on the face and thus mar them.

When they are returned to you, which may be several weeks after you leave them at Hamlin’s, return only the prints to me. Keep the mounted negatives as I don’t want to lose them, and after seeing them, you will understand why. Just return them by regular first class mail as I’m not even taking a chance on air mail.

Since this sort of work is quite expensive, and I’m not sure of the cost, I am enclosing a money order for $15.00 to cover the job. This is plenty to cover the cost, I feel sure, but let me know the exact cost so that I will know exactly what to charge the other fellows who ordered these prints. If there is enough left over, see if you can pick up some Kodachrome Daylight film; it costs around $1.50 per roll.

Otherwise, there is very little new around her. I have three letters that I received from Helen just yesterday – two V-Mails and one regular.

Got a lot of work to do right now, so will close off.



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