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03.25.1945 Letter

Dear Elizabeth;

Well, I received your Easter Card with the letter. I intended to write a lot sooner, but I simply had nothing about which to write and consequently, just kept putting it off until this afternoon.

To start off, thanks for sending me the pictures. That one is the first one that I’ve had of Howard since he got in the Army. I shoved off the day he was being inducted. When he wears that hat, I think that he should cock it a little more on the side of his head. Ahem. From those pictures you and Grant are looking as good as ever.

I had some colored pictures returned to me recently and I sent them on to Grace to have prints made of them. If you happen to be up that way, and she has them, ask her to show them to you. Some of them turned out beautiful.

Our company had a party in a city nearby recently and it turned out very well. Nobody got too drunk, and we had music by an American Negro orchestra, soldiers, they played real well. Of course, girls came by invitation only, and had to be approved by the local “Elsa Maxwell” who happens to be really known as Countess McMahon. The Irish operate everywhere. I don’t know where she got the title of Countess, but the story goes around here that she married some relative of Napolean. Perhaps, but how come she retains the name of McMahon. But, she ruled the dance with an iron hand just like hague rules Jersey City.

I know I owe Howard a letter so I may get at that shortly.



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