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04.01.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Well, I was a good boy this morning and went to Church, it being Easter Sunday. To give you some idea of what the surroundings were like, I’ll give you a short description. The services were conducted in one end of what was once a truck garage used by the Germans. The ceilings were so high, it being a hip roof, that canvas was strung from end to end to lower the ceiling and make it easier to heat in winter. The walls concrete. The roof is supported by light steel girders and braces. There are some chairs and some benches to sit on. There’s about 25 electric lights in the place since there are only 4 windows.

I sent a letter to you via regular mail, but after it left I realized that I had not enclosed the money order. That’s censoring for you. So I’m putting it in now.

As you can see, I am not a sergeant. Three of my close friends right in this office are now Lt’s. Maybe I would have been too, but I made no application. I worked with those fellows for about ten months and I’m really going to miss them for awhile. All good boys.

Will close off for now.



Promoted to Sergeant

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