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04.04.1945 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

Yesterday I received three packages; two from you, with jam cookies and candy and the other with cheese spreads, etc, all in good condition. The one from Mildred was in good condition and had been on the way since Nov. Oh yes, I got the film OK, Thanks. I showed the little German dictionary to some German linguists, and they claimed it to be very good. I can literally put the German vocabulary right in my mouth now.

I spent a little time in Paris a couple of weeks ago. It’s almost like a city in the States, so many soldiers on furlough.

Boy, if you don’t think this is a problem to sit down here and try to think of something to write. But everybody’s having the same trouble.

Oh, you used some papers in packing the package. I like that portion of the Syracuse Herald American with the section about Binghamton in it. When you’re finished with that part of the Sunday paper, will you send it to me. With that cotton packing, I’m going to have a little pillow made.

Have you received the stamps yet. For another little souvenir, I’m enclosing a 5 Franc note.

I guess I’ve said it for now. Thanks very much for the packages.



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