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05.01.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

A new location to write from and, consequently, a little something to write about.

Had a good trip down here, and incidentally, drove a truck with a small trailer down. The first real driving I’ve done in several years. Fortunately, the men and material with got in unscathed.

Saw some beautiful scenery in this neck of the woods. Got a good first-hand glimpse of the accuracy of Allied bombing and believe you me, it is accurate. Nothing but ruble in many places. Gaping holes in railroad locomotives and many railroad tracks a mass of twisted steel.

I noticed many neat farms along the way with farmers planting potatoes. On thing missing from these farms were fences. I saw very very few fences. I might add also, that I saw no cattle.

Before coming down, I got in on the French victory celebration. It may still be going on. It was in many places when I left. Dancing, drinking in little cafes, dance halls, on the streets, yea and lasting until 5 in the morning. They knock themselves out.

Am living in a hotel room here with two other fellows. A bathroom adjoins our room and has all conveniences including hot and cold water.

Tell you more in my next letter.



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