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05.14.1945 Letter

Dear Helen and Wilson;

First England, then France and now Germany. Yes, I’ve arrived in the land of the “Super-race”, but they’re not so super right now. In fact, more or less submissive.

But coming here I had a little different experience in that I drove a small truck and trailer much of the way here — the first real driving I’ve done since I’ve been in the Army. I didn’t forget much though as we arrived here in one piece. It was beautiful weather to travel too.

I passed through some pretty battered German cities coming here, and all attested to the accuracy and might of Allied bombing. Many places are nothing but a heap of rubble. Railroad yards were a mass of twisted steel and shells of locomotives. You really have to see it to appreciate it.

The place we are in now has not suffered much war damage. In fact, it is quite attractive. Sunday I went to church in the local Protestant Church and I must admit that I believe it to be the most beautiful Protestant Church I have ever been in. It is one of those immaculately neat and built-to-last forever churches. Probably Lutheran.

I’m living in a hotel right now and have a very nice room which is shared by three of us. A bathroom adjoins the room and has every convenience including hot and cold running water. It sure seems good to take a bath in a tub whenever one feels like it. Until coming here, I hadn’t enjoyed this pleasure since leaving England.

We eat in the same hotel. Displaced persons and some Germans do the work in the kitchen. We eat off plates. now and drink coffee from real cups for a change. The food is prepared much better and even if it weren’t it would taste better of the plates anyway.

Well I guess I’ll close this off for now. More later.



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