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10.02.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

I have your letter of Sept 14, so I’m going to drop you a line tonight.

First is the 71 points and according to the latest orders all men with 70 or more points must be out of the theater by November 30. So that’s the most definite word we’ve had on it and this time it’s and order. So on that basis don’t send me anything but your letters from now on.

Yes, I’ve received about everything that you have sent. I haven’t received the latest two rolls of colored. I did receive some film from Elizabeth.

I heard from Mildred about Uncle Sim a week or so ago. Yes, I can imagine that you must be pretty busy canning all the stuff now. How have beans, peas, tomatoes and thing turned out this season. We had bananas twice for the first time since I came overseas. They were small though and over-ripe. We seem to get plenty of oranges. A few tomatoes. Lately we’ve been getting fried eggs again. The eats are good here.

Tonight I’m going to a nearby theater to see a stage show. I went to a football game Sunday and it was a honey – 7-0 final score.

I’m enclosing a couple of souvenir programs of things I’ve been to which you might like to look over.


Frankfurt a. Main, Germany

Russell recieves “word” that he has enough US Army POINTS to return back to the States. There is an official ORDER that he will be shipped back no later than November 30, 1945.

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