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10.07.1945 Letter

Dear Willard and Grace;

Well, guess what I’m doing tonight. It’s about 9PM and I’m listening to the World Series and what a game it is tonight. The Tigers have just come out on top in this fifth game and I’m listening to the steady chatter by Bill Slater, the announcer. He is probably the best in my estimation with his vivid descriptions of all plays. When there’s nothing in particular to talk about so far as the game is concerned, he gives backgrounds of the players etc. That’ll give you a little idea of how good the reception is here tonight.

Well there are plenty of opportunities to take a job over on this side of the water at good pay. I sometimes wonder if I should take advantage of it. I do know that with the 25% increase in pay for civilian employees working overseas. Under the circumstances, I do know that I could make $3,400 (the least) here for staying one year, but I don’t feel that I would like to jeopardize my chances with IBM. The cost for quarters is $15.00 per month and meals are 75 cents per day. Due to my experience in military government (I know the set up administratively very well, I believe) it might even be possible to get a $4,000 a year job with the option of staying for perhaps two years. But I’ve been thinking that perhaps it would be better to go back and try things out with the Company, and then, if I weren’t satisfied, take a crack at this over here. I’ve been giving this considerable thought in light of the labor situation back there now, and the fact that some of the things I would like probably won’t be available for quite awhile. I write this so that you will know what I’m thinking along that line and feel free to make any comments you like. I’ll appreciate them.

Well, this morning I went to Church, at dinner and then went out to a football game. Then I came back here and waited around for the series broadcast.

I’ve got a letter to get out to Elizabeth now. I just got a letter from her Saturday of her, Mildred and Ralph, Howard and Grant.

Guess I’ll sign off for now.


Frankfurt a. Main, Germany

Russell contemplates life after the military. He is not sure if he should stay in Europe – or return back to the States. Better paying jobs in Europe.

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