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10.28.1945 Letter

Dear Wilson and Helen;

Here it is Sunday night and nothing special to do. I was out to a football game this afternoon as that seems to have been the program for the past few Sundays. They get quite large GI crowds there every Sunday. Two weeks ago there were about 20,000 there including Ike and Patton. Boy the cameras were really clicking around that Sunday. They both got up and posed for pictures for the fans. I had color film in mine and believe I got good results. There was considerable color to the game with a couple of bands playing and a drill by the paratroopers. Yeh, nothing there by 20,000 men in uniform.

Well, I reported into the orderly room the other day and was informed that I am scheduled to leave here the 6th of November. That will be the first lap of the journey back. It will probably be several weeks after that before I actually board a boat, but I’ll dry to keep you all informed from time to time. I’ll let you also know when to stop writing. As you know, there’s always the possibility of last minute changes. I don’t believe there will be much delay.

Guess that’s about all the news for the present.


Frankfurt a. Main, Germany

Russell attends a Sunday afternoon football game….and discovers President Eisenhower and General Patton are in the crowds.

Learns that he will depart from his present location, to begin the trip back to the States on November 6, 1945.

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