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EMS to the dock rescue….

Grace, is a Chris Craft steel hulled motor yacht – and is moored adjacent to Cat Maudy. Nick, the owner of Grace – is a lovely person who lives on nearby James Island. Nick’s son, who attends the Citadel (the “southern” version of West Point) – was hosting an afternoon spring break boat party with friends and acquaintances. What started out as a college-kid boat party on Grace – Tuesday afternoon, turned quickly to an emergency situation. One of the femmes accidentally stepped thru Grace’s skylight – getting a deep cut from the glass, and her leg jammed between two metal rods (that were designed to prevent someone from falling thru).

Thus her leg was stuck….she was stuck….and had a deep wound in her calf. EMS was summoned. More like the entire City of Charleston Fire & EMS department (30+) showed up. They came out with a huge ‘jaws of life’ hydraulic steel cutter….and snapped the rod that pinned her leg to the boat. Kudos to her college friends who kept her calm during the ordeal….and of course kudos to EMS for the rescue!

Nick’s son (the party host), tho had a problem. He had to ‘splain all of this to his dad. Rumor has it that Citadel attendees were not allowed off campus that day. Oopsie!

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