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Earl lives large on 8 remaining lives, and plans for the future.

Just 3 months ago while sailing offshore, Earl was on death row. But, he came back. With one of those 9 lives used up somewhere in North Carolina, Earl now rules Cat Maudy with a diet of 3-5 cans of wet food per day. He shares some of this with Soxy – our other cat. He also enjoys daily rub-downs, and his perch on a comforter, in the windows of the salon.
But alas, Earl was a tad concerned about the current state of the economy. A recession could limit the food supply – and of course this would be completely unacceptable. Earl is all about food.

Soooo, Earl put in all of his good vibes and wishful thinking, focused much of his thoughts on “Chicken of the Sea”…. And wanted a recession proof idea for ensuring the food supply would continue …irregardless of the value of the dollar against the euro, the fact that the stock market was crumbling, Christmas toys are tainted with poison (oh my!), a crazy man lives in the White House, no one can afford health care, and the fact that the Chinese would soon own all of the homes the Americans foreclosed on.

Wow. Earl is on top of current events. What a mess this world was in…and Earl decided it was time to do something about it. Kitty style.Earl, aka “King Earl” laid out an elaborate plan. First, he would get the “female-one” (Jane) to stock up on brown rice from the asian food stores. With a big boat pantry and lots of plastic storage bins – it would be easy to stockpile bags of rice — and have at least 1-2 years supply on hand. Brown rice mixes nicely with any of King Earl’s favorite meat dishes.

Next, Earl willed the “big-guy” (aka Captain Pat) to acquire a rod. Not just any rod, but a rod with a string attached. One might refer to this as a deep sea fishing pole. Being a savvy shopper, Earl encouraged Pat to use eBay to find a fancy-dancy fishing pole — on the cheap. Earl doesn’t mess with retail price or coupons.

Earl was thinking fish thoughts – and had me research what type of saltwater fish and HOW MANY could be caught per day. He especially liked the big quantities such as:Sea Bass – 20 per person per dayBlue Fish – 15 per person per daySheepshead – 20 per person per dayEarl liked looking at these pictures, and felt confident that we would have no problem catching the daily limits.

While Earl was pleased with the progress so far (brown rice stockpile, purchase of fishing pole) – he remained a tad concerned that we might not know what we were doing with this getup. The rod and reel have arrived – and we were proud to style these for King Earl. Observe the “fishing position” modeled by the First Mate & Captain below. Upon closer observation, no string (line) or lure exists. OK….Details. But we were lookin’ good – and Earl was well on his way to a lifetime supply of food!

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