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Dragging anchor in 40 knots of winds…

The instruments were really reading up to 40 knots….Visualize how 40 knots feels. The boat shakes. It is very windy here — average winds in the mid 20’s, with gusts to 40! The winds are from the East – so they push the water up from the Atlantic Ocean…into the Charleston Harbor…and up the Ashley River! I have to get in a LOW position when walking along the dock – to avoid getting blown off the dock. Small Person Advisory.

While doing some computer work, we looked out the salon windows – to a rather odd sight. Two sailboats – rafted together, and anchored not far from us — are now dragging anchor (due to the extreme winds) and are being blown up the Ashley River toward the James Island Bridge. Woa! No one appears to be on either of the boats – so Pat radio’s to the City Marina for help.

The City Marina sends out one of it’s boats to check out the situation – and then calls in the Coast Guard. Moral of this story – don’t leave your boat unattended AND rafted to another boat anchored on a windy day!

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