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Bar Harbor 2 Lancaster: Taking it in…

Arriving in to Bar Harbor Maine

Arriving in to Bar Harbor Maine

Friday, July 17, 2015

We arrived at our campground in Bar Harbor Maine on Friday and were greeted with cool temperatures, zero humidity and the most mesmerizing coastline views.  Words I would use to describe the Maine coast are – rugged, rocky, pristine and very hilly!

After 12+ hours of driving, we arrived in the town of Bar Harbor on Friday, July 17th.   Our bike ride south to Baltimore Maryland begins tomorrow.  And, I have to admit I’m nervous.  Nervous of the unknown.  Nervous about what lies ahead.  Nervous about riding completely new terrain.  Hopeful that the routes I have planned will have wide shoulders and low volume traffic.  Hopeful that our bikes will be up to the challenge. And yet not worried in the least that our mind and bodies are up for the challenge.

Friday, we get to morph into tourists on Mount Desert Island.  Saturday, we bike.   Our SAG support crew drives us to the summit of Cadillac Mountain – the highest mountain along the North Atlantic Coast – just to get a preview of

Views from a top Cadallac Mountain

Views from a top Cadillac Mountain

the hills.  Yep, they are big, and steep.  And, true to form, I (the climber) and Jill (also known as “downhill Jill”) are equally excited for the opposite reasons.  I can’t wait to climb the hills, and she can’t wait to descend them.  Paddy, our support crew of 1 – will ride with us for shorter distances on the flats.

We have readied our bicycles for the journey south.  Tires are inflated.  GPS, headlights, tail lights, rain gear and dry bags are in position on our bikes.  5AM will be our start time, which begins with a bike tire dip in the ocean.  Stay tuned for day 1.

** Note — getting any internet connection has been a challenge…so these posts may be text only…or delayed until we reach a town and can I can grab some Wi-Fi!


Downhill Jill looks forward to the hills!!

Downhill Jill looks forward to the hills!!


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  1. We have stepped off the world with the most breathtaking and pristine vistas….to start this much awaited bike journey! Thank you sissy for planning all of the routes a d logistics….this is going to be amazing. And thank you to paddy for sag support!!! Woohoooo!

  2. Pictures look awesome! I hope you and “downhill Jill” have a blast! Looking forward to hearing all about it 😇

    • Thank you Claudia — it has been such an amazing ride! And downhill Jill has been eating up those ‘downhills’!! Thanks for reading and joining us virtually on this ride!

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