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Tennis goes wild – with an aerobic and butt quarter makeover!

From my brief debut in The Checket Cup Tennis Tournament ..

I realized that with just a “few” modifications, “tennis” could become a very aerobic, and entertaining sport – irregardless of your skill. Here are my suggestions:

First, TENNIS gets an aerobic makeover. Maybe something like: you are required to jog in place between points – and do sprints during a set change. No more sitting between game changes either. Forget about the bathroom break. You shouldn’t have consumed that gallon of water before your match! When the ball rolls to the far corners of the court…instead of strolling there to kill time, you make a mad dash to retrieve it before it stops rolling. And if someone feels the need to say something other than the score….the “verbalizer” will be required to run 3 laps around the court for each word that escapes. Imagine the endorphin “high” tennis players would enjoy…

Tennis adds an entertainment factor! BUTT QUARTERS….should be integrated into ONCOURT tennis. For example, if you miss a shot, don’t like a line call, and simply must exhale with 4 letter classics….you will immediately run to the sidelines and drop a butt quarter – until you hit the cup. Wouldn’t that make tennis matches more entertaining?

For now, the Butt Quarter championships is played OFF COURT – with contestants from The Checket Cup tennis tournament in Ft. Lauderdale FL. Captured on video, you can see that BUTT QUARTERS requires precise timing, aim, and movement skills – just like tennis!

BTW…Kudos to friends Peg & Joan for winning the backdraw doubles…and Susan and partner for winning the main draw doubs!

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