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One engine fails in the midst of strong currents and narrow waterways…

Somewhere near the Hillsboro Inlet, we noticed our starboard engine shaking violently. Not a good time to be down an engine – when trying to navigate in narrow waterways, wait for drawbridges to open…and contend with strong tidal currents. We were down to one engine, and I had my finger on the VHF ready to hail Tow-Boat US.

As Captain Pat tinkered with the throttle, the engine and all other “boy stuff”….I contacted the Los Olas Municipal Marina – to see if we might be able to afford a slip – while we get the engine situation resolved. Rumor has it that Ft. Lauderdale is very expensive. Miraculously, their rates were reasonable…so I signed us up. Guess we won’t be sailing to Miami today…time for boat repairs.

BUT WAIT, Captain Pat working some mechanical genius…got the engine fixed….and we are now back to TWO working engines. Should we continue on to Miami….or check out some Ft. Lauderdale. Opted to stay a night in Ft. Lauderdale.

Turned out to be a fabulous decision. Couldn’t have picked a better location – if I knew what I was doing! With temperatures for the FIRST TIME since departure from Maryland in the 70’s….we docked at Los Olas Municipal Marina….peeled off the winter jackets, 4 layers of clothing…and wool hats….and morphed into beach babe southerners.

The Los Olas Municipal Marina is located in a perfect setting from my vantage point. With jogging paths and bike lanes everywhere….and 2 blocks from the Swimming Hall of Fame….I could sense that endorphins would soon be running high!

We spent the next 5 days at dockside, soaking up the 70 degree temperatures, getting caught up on computer work and exercise …and bicycling to the grocery and boat stores – some 5 miles inland.

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