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Low tide, fixed bridges…and making way to Boca Raton

What is boat life like? Pure luxury, champagne all around…and a life a leisure right?

I’ll let you know when that happens. In the meantime….I use the binoculars and my zoom-in camera to check the bridge marker every 30 minutes starting at 8:30AM. We need the marker to read 65′ or more (simply because we don’t trust the measurements anymore!)… Once we get maximum clearance, we’ll pull up anchor….and carefully make our way thru. The Lake Worth Inlet is on the other side of the bridge — which allows us an EXIT to the ocean. The other option is to continue on the ICW….(since we don’t have enuf time by now to make the next inlet before nightfall)….and anchor somewhere in Boca Raton.

On the INSIDE (the ICW) between Lake Worth and Ft. Lauderdale – we will have NO fixed bridges to contend with. However, we will have 23 “opening” (drawbridges)….which could mean significant wait time for them to open. Decisions…decisions….decisisons….
By 11:30AM, I could see that the bridge marker would give us maximum clearance for navigation. With what STILL appeared as minimal clearance….we barely made it under this final bridge. At least, we’re done with fixed bridges on the ICW!

We opted to continue travel on the ICW….with the hopes that we could get close enough to Ft. Lauderdale — for an ocean sail the next day – to Miami. Jello plan…subject to change!
As we approach the more affluent areas south of Lake Worth – notice that both the drawbridges and waterfront properties look like castles.

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