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Highlights of Titusville FL

Should the NASA program at Cape Canaveral ever get scuttled, the town of Titusville FL would most likely disappear. Not that there is much town here to begin with!

Some elements of Titusville, have already moved on. The Post Office for example. Don’t waste your time looking for a mailbox here. When the Post Office left Main St. Titusville one year ago, it appears that they grabbed all of the neighborhood mailboxes as well. Not one mailbox to be found here.

While searching for that elusive mailbox, we stumbled onto the the Space Walk Hall of Fame (housed in an ol‘ 7-11 style building). The Space Walk Hall of Fame is run by retired NASA employees, who want to ensure that the NASA history is preserved. They collect donated items from NASA employees (such as clothing and space suits), and even house the NASA command center from the 1960’s (which was once destined for some NASA dumpster). We spent an hour learning NASA-speak….and felt thoroughly educated (for the day) from our delightful tour guides.

As we departed, and made a donation, the retired NASA folks volunteered to mail my letter for me. Who needs a mailbox? Love small towns!

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