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ICW, Mosquito Lagoon to Titusville

It’s hard to describe the tranquility at Mosquito Lagoon. With winter temperatures in the 50’s — there were no mosquitoes here! This area is a vast body of shallow water, in between the barrier island and the mainland in central Florida. Utterly peaceful, quiet and undisturbed views abound.
There is no shortage of dolphins, pelicans – and an underwater world that I can only “guess” at beneath the surface. Manatees? We’ve seen plenty of signs about the manatees – but have yet to see any.
By 7:30AM, Cat Maudy & MakeItSo brought up anchors…and began travels south on the ICW. Today’s destination would be Titusville FL (for us), and Cocoa Beach (for MakeItSo). If we weren’t so stressed about the fixed bridges (3 in Cocoa Beach) – we would be joining our travel mates for New Year’s Eve celebration in Cocoa. But alas, we would end 2009 at Titusville – and see what this town has to offer.
The marina staff located us on the “Party Dock” (the E Dock). Pilings are decorated in Christmas paper, and boats are glowing in Christmas lights. It appears that happy hour has already started (well before noon!) – and the folks are super friendly. I hope the party dock won’t be too disappointed when I become drowsy around 8PM.

Pat and I immediately took off to explore the “town”. Titusville is quaint, small – and offers a coffee and gourmet chocolate shop (which also serves lunch)– so I can’t imagine what else is necessary here? Lunch menu includes vegetarian foods. Life is VERY good.
Later that day – we ventured into the closest supermarket – called the “SAVE A-LOT”. The prices are UNHEARD of. It’s as if I hopped a ride to the past (30 years ago). Pasta….30 cents a box. Bread….89 cents. Cat food….cans the size for dogs…and 4 for a dollar. There will be much time spent at the SAVE A LOT as we provision up for the next 30 days!
Apparently the manatees hover in the marina where we are docked. Unfortunately, 2 days before our arrival…they left…and headed south. I think the manatees have the right idea. Temperatures in the next few days will be in the 30’s at night. C’mon Florida — give a girl a little heat OK?

Happy New Year!

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